UVC Sterilization Portable Pack Bag


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 Q&A (Important)

This product has legit certifications and production certifications. However, pls take a look at below tips.

1. Q: Will my phone be dead after I put in this bag?

A: No, we did experiments and we put our phones in it, the phones work well after UVC lights.

2. Q: Why do you need to put them in the bag instead of just using UVC lights?

A: The ultraviolet lamp has a radiation effect on the human body, and the items must be sterilized in a closed environment 

3. Q: Is this product medical? Is it a medical device?

A: No, it is perfect for ordinary people to use in their daily life. Use it to sterilize keys or clothes or other things. Not qualified to be used by hospitals

4. How long is each sterilization cycle?

A: 15-20 minutes

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