USB Heated Outdoor Vest

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Get warm the high-tech way!

During the winter season, the temperature always gets below our normal body temperature and we need thick sweaters and jackets to survive the cold weather. But putting on many clothes does not entirely end the cold. That is why it is important to get a vest that keeps you away from freezing. Introducing the USB Heated Outdoor Vest, the vest that keeps you warm whenever, wherever.

  • Promotes metabolism
  • Consumes excess fat
  • Increases blood oxygen 
  • Improves microcirculation and eliminates inflammation
  • Great for riding, skiing, rock climbing, and golf
  • With adjustable temperature
  • With a built-in USB port that can be connected to a power bank (Power Bank not included*)
  • Comfortable, smooth, and skin-friendly material
  • 1 Charge lasts for 4-12 hours


Red Light (flashes) – automatic heating
Red Light – manual heating, high temperature
White Light – medium temperature
Blue Light – low temperature 

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