Summer Breathable Women Sneakers


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A breathable woven elastic upper stretches to accommodate your feet, and an adjustable adhesive clasp fits your foot size exactly. Extra sole grip for ultra-adventurous sports, as well as making the shoes more professional to wear at work.

They will provide the best comfort and foot support while still being joyful and colorful, thanks to a flexible and ultra-light outsole and a cushioned memory foam footbed.

The soft and flexible sole makes these shoes a great alternative for persons who have hurt their foot or suffer from bunions, blisters, plantar fasciitis, and other sensitive foot disorders that make wearing other shoes extremely uncomfortable.
These shoes are ideal for people with wide feet since the material adapts to match the form of your foot.

  • Vegan and Environmentally Friendly: The shoes are created from environmentally acceptable materials, and there are no animal substances in the construction or glue.
  • Sports Shoes: The perfect shoe for everyday wear around the house or in the garden, vacation wear, dog walking, or protective wear at the beach or in the water. They’re ideal for sports such as hiking, camping, cycling, swimming, and even rock climbing! The ideal summer casual or athletic shoe
  • Wear to work: They’re a popular choice for nurses, care home employees, teachers, hospitality, and office jobs because they’re so comfortable!
  • Dancing!: When you put these on, they’ll feel like dance shoes, so make sure you have your favorite song ready when they arrive!