One Hand Easy No-tie Shoelaces


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Get some funky new age shoe laces! Tie your shoes with one hand and get a hip look with it’s selection of colorful design options. It comes with a metal bucket charm to snazz up your shoe! It instantly adjusts to your size. No need to tighten your shoelaces all the time! It’s perfect for casual shoes and specialty shoes such as hiking boots and skating shoes.

  • Stress Release, Healthy Lifestyle. We applied premium polyester material with precise woven cut and combined flat and elastic design for our shoe laces, offering you superb elastic performance, reducing stress and pressure points on the surface of your feet to give them a better feel throughout the day;
  • All-matching, One Size Fits All. Full length is 39.4 inches. This new designed no tie shoe laces is universally applicable. Perfect fit your sneakers, running shoes, sports shoes and any other types of shoes. Never tie shoe laces when you are walking, running, cycling, hiking and activities of any kind;
  • Perfect for Everyone. All ages can enjoy the comfort of this no tie shoe laces from kids to adults, and to seniors. Parents will never concern about kidsâ€?laces coming down. Kids love the metal ring and toggles. Adults save a lot more time, never need tie laces again. Bending over, a dangerous position for the elders and back or waist sore people. Now, all solved. Also, great choice for sensitive feet or those who is recovering from foot injury;
  • Convenient Fashion Leading Trend. The magic of these laces is that they will give your shoes old or new, a brand-new look! Even different colors separately matches one pair of shoes, different styles get displayed;
  • Easy Tip Installation, Saving More Time. The instruction attached in the pictures and the description part is for your reference, it’s quite easy and quick to operate. Once for all action. Any problems with it, we are glad to help. Also, you can DIY your own preferred pattern.


  • High-Top/Low-top
  • Air Sneakers
  • Asics
  • Leather Sneakers
  • Running Sports Shoes
  • Skating Boots
  • Casual Shoes


  • 1) Tighten two screws on two sides of your shoesâ€?top holes;
  • 2) Lead the laces trough the holes;
  • 3) Adjust to your preferred tightness, then cut the extra length, tie knock inside or outside;
  • 4) Hang the laces mental hole on the screw and enjoy!

Package List:

  • 2 elastic polyester laces with metal ring hook
  • 4 nails
  • 4 round toggles
Reviews (4)

4 reviews for One Hand Easy No-tie Shoelaces

    Fred V.
    This is a wonderful product, I would highly recommend this product. Thank You!
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    One Hand Easy No-tie Shoelaces photo review
    Rachael W.
    Laces are cool and very easy to use. Recommended buying.
    0 0
    One Hand Easy No-tie Shoelaces photo review
    Erika H.
    Looks good on Converse shoes. Easy to use!
    0 0
    One Hand Easy No-tie Shoelaces photo review
    Charlotte H.
    Just received mine. Bought 3 different colors. Love it.
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