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Magic Boucles (Hair Curl without Heat)
Magic Boucles (Hair Curl without Heat)

Magic Boucles (Hair Curl without Heat)

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The Magic Boucles will give your hair lift, curls, and waves easily creating a unique fashionable style without damaging the hair with hair dryer.

You can now sleep comfortably at night with Magic Boucles.

No need for chemicals with this natural Roller. These heat free rollers can curl your long hair without damaging it.

Marshmallow soft memory-foam core is very comfortable to sleep in at night.

1) Keep your hair at the 80%-90% dryness, using the elastin to style hair
2) Take out one curly sticks and hair belt, then put the curly sticks into the hair belt
3) Using the curly sticks hooks your hair, and make your hair into the belt. Dry your hair.
4) Pull your hair out of the belt slowly and the gorgeous hairstyle is done


Please select the size that best suits you according to the length of your hair. 

* 30cm—for hair up to 8 inches. 

* 45cm—for hair up to 14 inches. 

* 55cm / 65cm—for hair up to 22 inches. 

For really long hair we suggest putting two Easy Boucles on the same hair section.