Airborne Transmission Full Face Isolation Hat

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Take steps to protect yourself against disease with this Airborne Transmission Protective Hat hat. This protective hat can cover the entire face to effectively cut dust, pollen, and even virus-containing droplets to protect you from infecting from the deadly airborne disease

This multiuse respirator is designed to protect your eyes, mouth and nose to prevent transmission of the airborne virus.  The protective cover is fully transparent to ensure that it will not block your view.  It can also be detached from the hat for easy cleaning.


  • FULL PROTECTION: It can protect your eyes, mouth, and nose from contact with saliva drips, dust, and pollen.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The mask is removable and can be washed with water or wiped and disinfected with alcohol, which is easy to take care of. 
  • WIDE BRIM DESIGN: Fully transparent and wide brim protective shield make sure your view is not blocked.

  • PORTABLE: The protective plate is removable and flexible enough to roll into small size for high portability.
  • STYLISH DESIGN: Suitable for any kind of weather.
  • VERSATILE: It is both a protective cap and a cool decorative hat to meet various needs.


  • Types: Airborne Transmission Protective Hat
  • Length: 5.4cm 
  • Hat Girth: 57cm 
  • Materials: 50% cotton and 50% urethane
  • Color: Black 
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